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how to cook a pig in the ground southern style

For most, it's one of the highlights of the evening. It’ll literally be falling apart when you remove it from the fire, and the quality of your chicken wire wrap and chains hooked on the end will determine how easily you can transfer the pig from the imu to the table. You don’t want to just dump all of your wood on at once. Rub 1/2 teaspoon of the salt and 1/4 teaspoon of the black pepper on the roast and dredge the roast in the flour. Check your digital thermometer after a few hours and make sure it’s cooking nicely. There’s your pig! You can tell if the ears are cooked when a knife can easily pass through the flesh. Let it sit for 24 hours. It's also "a cultural experience." Saved from youtube.com. As you dig, remember to breathe, and convey aloha into your efforts. To thaw, place the pig in a plastic-lined cardboard box and season the meat with salt. You did it! Cutting up the banana tree trunk. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Cooking a pig in the ground is more than just a novel way of cooking food — it’s a cultural experience and one that you’ll best appreciate if you familiarize yourself with its methodology. Stratton Lawrence lives by the ocean in Folly Beach, South Carolina, but he left his heart in Hawaii after spending three months in Maui and Kauai in 2015. After the fire in the pit burns down, spread the coals evenly. You will will also need a few burlap sacks, a sheet of canvas, and some chicken wire. Cook the pig. Also, run your chains to the edge so that they’re accessible when you’re digging it up later on. During a boucherie, a large group gathers, slaughters a hog and cooks and smokes all parts of the animal immediately on site, according to Toups. Many imus will actually have a rise in the middle over the pig. We cut our pork into a “Hawaiian bowl” and a “Carolina bowl” to give our guests the option. Always exercise fire safety practices when cooking with coals or open flames. After those last logs are down to coals, add your rocks so that they have an hour to heat up before you add the pig. It's great to know that there is a place where people can share their projects and experiments. Try to find a skinned and trimmed carcass around 60 to 100 pounds. Place pig in on top of the chicken wire and cover with sand (8 to 10"). It requires gathering an array of supplies, difficult manual labor, and considerable planning and time commitment. Babysit the Pig. Bundle the pig in its leaf-chicken wire basket and close with metal ties. This process will produce wonderfully smoky meat that will leave everyone asking for more! That said, the … Others, like Jim, prefer to remove the skin, bones, and gristle, then chop or pull the meat for easier handling. While lots of people do this in many different ways, there are a few basic steps you can take to make it … MAKE IT SHINE! Fold the overhanging banana leaves in over the pork, then use the last package of banana leaves to cover the pork completely. This recipe was passed down in my family. You might also want to place a tarp over the entire pit. Brown the roast on all sides in butter and oil in a deep, large cast iron skillet. Cut your loose wire into two pieces long enough to wrap the legs and tie them together. Stick the metal sensor deep into the flesh and run the cable out and over the edge of the imu. A 100 lb pig will provide enough meat for around 80 to 100 people, depending on how hungry they are. You’re going to need an array of materials. Spread the chicken wire out over a table, place a double-layer of banana leaves on top of it, then lay the pig on top so that it is on its back. Plenty of aloha put into every step. Let the fire burn until you have good coals to keep the logs burning. A pig roast or hog roast is an event or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole pig.. Now that all the ingredients are together, raise the heat to a low simmer and cook the dish for 2.5 hours. Keep pig on fire for hours and hours. We asked a friend who owns a nearby bar. Ideally, you’ll use non-galvanized wire, but this is hard to find (it can be ordered online, however). We dug ours deeper than we needed to. Cooking a pig in the ground is all about the steam, and a banana tree’s trunk is the perfect way to create this and impart subtle flavor. You want to leave an opening in the foil on top, rather than wrapping the pig completely, to allow steam from the rocks and banana tree trunk/leaves to fully encapsulate the pig. Our exchange of aloha was warm, and their compliments on our pork were sincere. Although it’s not traditional Hawaiian, American palates may appreciate a dousing of vinegar hot sauce on the meat. This is what makes ground-cooked pork great! The hardest part of the process is digging the hole. If you can’t get your hands on a banana tree for their leaves, cabbage leaves and their husks are a great alternative. Wireless Thermometer(s): Once you put your pig in the ground, it’s staying there for at least eight hours, and when you dig it up, there’s likely going to be a crowd of hungry people watching. Recipe by Chef Karen 40. An imu is a an underground oven made with cinderblocks and dirt. Lawrence and his friends prepared for their luau by building an imu in which to cook their whole pig. Place the pig's feet, celery, onion, garlic, bay leaves, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and white vinegar in a large stockpot or Dutch oven. It's just an insulated box lined with sheetmetal on the inside and you burn a fire on top. Now, use some of your banana trunk (or cabbage) and place it inside the cavity against the meat. If you attend a luau in Hawaii today, chances are you'll have the opportunity to see an imu, where your evening's kalua pig is being cooked. • Last updated: September 10, 2020. It helps to have a table set up to work on the pig, and you can use this table to serve it when it’s ready. My sister hosted more than 15 annual pig pickin's in this type of pit. Apply pig to fire. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/230532/moms-new-years-pigs-feet June 28, 2016 You will want to inject the hog to ensure the meat does not dry out during the eight+ hours that it will be slowly cooking. So as the fire spreads across the whole pit, just keeping adding wood until you’ve burned it all down. Let your guests cut their own portions, or serve it to them. Like the pitmasters of the American South, the Hawaiians know that to create a meal worth remembering for the rest of your life, you can’t cut corners. Then, use the knife to open up the joints around the legs (the armpits, essentially). Place the thermometer probes at an angle in the center of the ham. We prepped the pig with an apple cider vinegar wash and a rub then wrapped it in foil. Remove the roast from the skillet and drain. If you live near the beach, choose the hardest soil you can find, as the steam may dissipate and be released through sand. It's one of the oldest methods of cooking. I wrapped the trimmed pig in a couple of garbage bags and drove over to Brian's house late Friday afternoon. Line the pit with mesquite, cherry, or charcoal briquettes and get the fire started in much the same way as if you were preparing coals for a barbecue or grill. Aloha! You want a whole pig with the head and hooves on. Dig an outline in the yard, give the kids shovels and let them dig to their hearts' content. Southern Recipes. Don’t use lettuce — it’ll wither away too fast. 374. By T. Edward Nickens. Let the pig cook at a moderate distance from the coals. Split open the whole dressed pig and butterfly (slit the backbone to allow the pig to lay flat across … Start your cooking project the day before you plan to cook. Firewood: You’re cooking with this, so don’t use construction material or trash. Chicken wire gives you something to hold on to when pulling it out, and it keeps the meat intact until it’s on the table. It will take several days to thaw a frozen whole pig. Our pig hit 215 and it came out just right. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Place the head in a large pot and cover it with water. If you cut down a banana tree, it quickly grows back within months. In Hawaii, volcanic rocks are used that absorb and hold heat, but in South Carolina, we used both granite and stone from a local landscape supply store, as well as bricks. Should You Lift Weights Before Doing Cardio? And, for more great dishes, see my recipes section for advice on everything from how to brine and smoke a salmon, to brisket rubs, to the best way to smoke turkey! Build a wood fire in the pit and allow 12 inches of hot coals to build up. “Spice, tart, sweet and salt elevates the flavor of the pork,” says Chef Lira. Take one pig. Cook the ears for 2.5 hours. Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer to ensure it is at least 165° F. Carve the meat and serve! So take your time and enjoy this! That’s good, you’ve got hot rocks. Some people like to serve the cooked pig intact, allowing guests to choose the tidbits they want--a pig pickin' in the true sense of the word. I’ll list them and then go into a greater detail for a few of them below: Pig: A 100-pound pig will feed roughly 100 people, so plan your pig size according to your guest list. Cook a whole pig in your backyard pit. It’s a cultural—some would say religious—way of preparing food. Read it at least once more, and then get to work. One helpful guideline to keep in mind is that the pig should cook one hour for every ten pounds of its weight; for a pig of average size, 75 … You should always keep a hose close at hand, just in case you have to cool things off in a hurry. It is also fun and a spectacle for all. The pit that you cook the pig in is called the imu, and the meat that it prepares — noted for its soft, moist consistency — is called kalua pork. These will take a while to die down enough to use. Lay your canvas over the entire imu, overlapping the edges so that dirt won’t fall into the hole around the sides. For an imu, you don’t need to just cook pig, you could cook any kind of meat in an imu – fish, mango raised mutton, turkey, anything you like. 7 People talking Remove the burlap and set it aside. It’s an ancient method of cooking, but with a few modern twists and technological helps, you can increase your chance of success on the first try. Place the banana leaves (or cabbage husks) over the coals and cover with soaked burlap and canvas. . It’s okay to go hotter, but if you don’t get to 185 at the shoulder (and ideally 195 at the ham), it may be time to call the local BBQ restaurant for a backup catering option for your party tonight. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Most people recognize it as the Hawaiian Luau or more accurately, Kalua Pig. You also need a large hole in the ground, so the next step is to grab your shovel and get to work! For cooking on a rotisserie, use a pit of adequate size with windscreens to prevent the ashes from blowing and to … 228. Southern Style Pigs Feet. Have bystanders hold the corners to keep it taut, keeping dirt from falling in. Corn husks also work — check with a local restaurant. Wash the pig feet and remove the hairs before placing them in the pot. Look for rocks between 4 and 8 inches across. Extra meat can always be parceled up and frozen for later, or given away—there are not many people I know that would refuse ground-cooked pork! You want your imu to be about twice as deep as your pig is (for a 100-pound pig, about 2 1/2 feet deep). Having been raised in the southern US, I am very familiar with fire pits. It’s not often that we consume an entire animal at once, and these moments are worth stopping to reflect for a minute about where our food comes from and our role on the planet. There are many different ways to roast a whole pig, far to many to mention all here. It’s easiest (and cheapest) to call a local supplier and have them deliver. Put a rock or two in all four armpits and a couple in the belly. Pour in 3 gallons of water around the sides of the imu (just lift up the edges of the canvas to pour it in) to create even more steam on the hot rocks. Cooking a pig in the ground is not easy. Continue to allow it to boil for 30 minutes. Dig a pit in the sand 2 feet deep and 6 feet in diameter. Place a **** of heavy gauge chicken wire in the pit with about a foot of it sticking up on either side. Chef Lira relaxing under our chosen tree. You’ll surely be talking about it for years! Next, we laid a layer of wet burlap bags completely overlapping the animal’s body. Recruit a couple of friends for this. Article by Art of Manliness. Tie the front legs together, and the back legs together. Nov 2, 2016 - When you pull your first pig from the ground and spread it across a table for your gleeful guests, you’ll be counting the days until you get to do it again. When you pull your first pig from the ground and spread it across a table for your gleeful guests, you’ll be counting the days until you get to do it again. Note: If you’re at a house, heat the sauce on a burner inside to avoid cooling down the already quickly cooling meat. Carolina mustard sauce, a vinegar dip (such as Lexington), or a sweet tomato-based sauce (like Kansas City Classic) are all great choices. This will require about 3 to 4 hours burning time and wood equal to about 2 times the volume of the pit. Few tastes in this world compare to a first bite of kalua pork that’s just fallen off the bones of a pig you’ve spent two days preparing and roasting. Once you know how and where you are going to cook the hog you need to get the pig. You may immediately see sizzling! Yes, I am truly a Yankee. We prepped the pig with an apple cider vinegar wash and a rub then wrapped it in foil. Lots of firewood – about an eighth of a true cord will work. *I was invited to eat at the Polynesian Cultural Center luau, but as always, all opinions throughout this blog, thoughts, photos, and videos, are my own. we don't eat this too often. Allow the pig to cook for several hours on both sides. Enjoy tender, falling-off-the-bone pork at your next get-together! Fires have to breathe. Pig roasts, under a variety of names, are a common traditional celebration event in many places including the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba. And what could be more rewarding than cooking an entire pig underground in a traditional style and feeding 100 of your friends with a meal they’ll talk about for weeks after? If you don’t have the butcher to prepare the pig, snap the spine and leave the head and hooves on. Braising Pig's Feet (Chinese Style) Boil the pig's feet briefly twice. Start the fire in the back of the shed. We added onion and asparagus stalks to our banana trunk because Chef Lira had them on hand. Now’s the time to place your digital thermometers. 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Sand is the easiest medium to dig through but, if you are not by the beach, never fear! I did add MEAT TENDERIZER about 1 spoon full. Very,very tasty. And when you pull your first pig from the ground and spread it across a table for your gleeful guests, you’ll be counting the days until you get to do it again. I was born and raised in Bklyn, NY. Stick around for at least another hour, as steam holes will appear that need to be plugged. Lawrence and his friends prepared for their luau by building an imu in which to cook their whole pig. Each culture seems to have its favorites, from Greek stuffed pig, to Cuban-style roast pork, to Chinese glazed suckling pig, to Southern French stuffed suckling pig. Roast the pig for 8 to 12 hours. This was overkill, and a little scary for people to see in hindsight. Place pig in on top of the chicken wire and cover with sand (8 to 10"). How to make Ragou (Pig feet) June 2020. Use a knife to score the pig along its back and ribs, making incisions every couple of inches. Then, use your fire tongs or post hole digger to pick up hot rocks and place them in the pig. https://www.soulfoodandsoutherncooking.com/baked-pigs-feet-recipe.html Wash the pig feet and remove the hairs before placing them in the pot. Cook until the hams are about 180° and the shoulders are about 190°, basting occasionally. There are numerous recipes and cooking methods for a pig roast, but a Filipino pig roast -- also referred to as lechon baboy -- is a specific method that results in a roasted pig … Discard your banana leaves, remove the chain, and open up the chicken wire. Add the onion, red pepper, garlic and habanero to the saucepan and saute until they are tender and beginning to … The box gives you an estimated cook time according to weight but, to be 100% sure that your pig is properly cooked it’s best to use a thermometer. The Art of Manliness participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links. Rocks or Bricks: Rocks from a river can hold water inside which can boil and cause the rocks to explode, which can lead to serious or fatal injury. Fold the overhanging banana leaves in over the pork, then use the last package of banana leaves to cover the pork completely. in: Cooking, Featured, Food & Drink, Travel & Leisure, Guest Contributor When you get your pig, it may be frozen. Latest. Check out the Jealous Devil All-Natural Charcoal Briquets at Amazon. Pig Roasting 101: How to Cook a Whole Pig. Southern Home Cook Ears. The head is boiled and used for hog’s headcheese, roasted in the oven and served as you would a pot roast. We used a dual probe thermometer, placing a probe in each ham. Take the Simple Test That Can Predict Your Mortality. However, my roots are from Jackson,TN. Jul 16, 2016 - Stratton Lawrence of The Art of Manliness explains that this isn't just a way to get good roast pork. Give your dignitaries in attendance the honorary first bites, but don’t wait too long before trying it yourself. To prevent spoilage, keep the pig cold by placing ice on parts that have already thawed. Pulling a roasted pig out of the ground and spreading it out on a table for your guest is well worth the time, money, and energy required to cook in this ancient fashion. Everyone was excited as Chef Lira and I nervously took our shovels and began the unearthing process. With a 200-pound pig, give it 12 to 14 hours. Hunting. You can create some of this same Hawaiian magic with hearty amounts of supply hunting, preparation, and patience. If not, a commodity hog can usually be found from a local butcher for around $2/pound, with prices varying depending on where you live. Add the river rocks and cover with enough of the wood to get the fire underway to heat the rocks. Many people, including myself, occasionally do just that! We only recommend products we genuinely like, and purchases made through our links support our mission and the free content we publish here on AoM. re: cooking a pig in the ground Posted by RBWilliams8 on 12/15/10 at 11:26 am to Afreaux My dad has one he made when he was a kid. We wrapped our rocks in aluminum foil (to hold them together just in case they exploded inside the pig), but it’s fine if your rock touches flesh. Whether it be in the form of bacon or sausage for breakfast, deli ham for lunch, or a roasted loin for dinner, pork can be eaten morning, noon, and night. You can also supplement with other plant material that’s dense and contains lots of water. Start off with a small pile of logs to get the fire going, then add wood steadily over the course of a couple hours. The earth oven takes hours to heat, and hours to slow cook, and so it’s a leisure, social type of cooking and communal style of eating in Polynesia, and that’s something I really loved. Coat the pig with a layer of soy sauce, brandy and about 5 lbs of Rock Salt. We are all familiar with how to cook bacon and pork loin, but have you ever tried cooking a pig in the ground? Here in Folly Beach, South Carolina, our occasion to host a traditional pig roast (and luau!) You can season the pig with soy sauce, brandy, and rock salt. They probably put about 20 layers of banana leaves on top . You want it to be lean so that you don't start any grease fires. As you add dirt onto the imu, look for spots where steam is escaping. Burlap Bags: These are soaked with water and laid over the pig after it’s in the ground to keep the moisture in. Cook the pig. Pork cooked in this way is known as Kalua, and is flavorful and delicious. Stuff rock salt into each incision. A boogie board makes for a great bellows. Choose a quality firewood like hickory or cherry. The pig will lie flatter and cook better if you cut the back of the skull in half with your saw. A pig that is 75 to 200 pounds live weight can be cooked by either of two methods: on a rotisserie over a low fire, or on screens or rods over a low fire with hand turning of the pig. To you, it's a lot of hard work. Plan on 6 to 8 hours of slow cooking.Maintain a temp of about 225 degrees. In layman’s terms, at least a half full pickup truck bed worth, or 20 bundles from the grocery store. If you want to cook a pig in the ground Hawaiian- or Cajun-style, the first thing you’ll want to get (quite unsurprisingly) is the pig. Say a blessing and convey your thanks and aloha. I invited them to the party to see how our hog would measure up. Some hang the pig from a frame, such as a swing set, and the pig is rotisseried next to or above an open fire. Canvas: This goes over the burlap and over the pig, and its edges should overlap the pit, allowing you to remove it without dropping dirt inside on the pig. Fortunately, most kids excel at digging up the yard. Home. Coals at the bottom and a wrack to put the meat on, then a sheet of galvanized steel over the top opening. A 100-pound pig needs to cook for 6-10 hours (let’s say eight), so you’ll need to put it in the ground long before meal time. Cooking a pig in the ground is more than just a novel way of cooking food — it’s a cultural experience, and one that you’ll best appreciate if you familiarize yourself with its methodology.

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