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saudi arabia income tax law

If a company has both Saudi and foreign shareholders, the corporate income tax is calculated on the portion of taxable income attributable to the non-Saudi, while the Saudi part contributes to the tax base of Zakat. The Regulations shall specify restrictions and procedures required to implement this obligation. Article 42: Change of partners in a partnership. Under current practice, supply contracts whereby a foreign, non-resident company exports goods to Saudi Arabia would not generate income subject to Saudi tax. (a) Taxes shall be imposed on partners in partnerships and not on the company itself. There is no personal income tax in Saudi Arabia. (e) Without prejudice to paragraphs (f) and (g) of this Article, if an amount is paid to a non-resident and tax is withheld for it in accordance with the provisions of this Article, that tax shall be final, taking into consideration that no further tax shall be imposed on the income from which the tax was withheld, and not to refund any amount paid as tax in accordance with this Article. Washington, DC 20037, Regular Business Hours (l) As an exception to the provisions of the previous paragraphs, assets under Cuild, Operate and Transfer (BOT) or Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) contracts may be depreciated over the contract period or over the remaining period of the contract, if acquired or renewed during that period. As for taxable years starting on or prior to the date of its coming into force, they shall be subject to tax laws in effect prior to the issuance of this Law. For local companies, corporate income tax is assessed on the share of the profit of the foreign partner in the local company. (a) The Department and all its staff shall maintain confidentiality of information pertaining to taxpayers which they have access to in their official capacity. (e) The balance of the value of each group at the end of the taxable year is the total of the balance of the value of the group at the end of the previous taxable year after the depreciation deduction in accordance with this Article for the previous taxable year, and fifty percent (50%) of the cost base of assets in use added to the group in the current and previous taxable years, after the deduction of fifty percent (50%) of the compensation received from the assets disposed of during the current and previous taxable years, provided that the balance does not become in the negative. (c) The employee's contributions to an authorized retirement fund may not be deducted. Shares of non-Saudis in mixed companies, which are partners in resident ‎capital companies, are not considered Saudi shares for the purposes of this Law. (c) The Regulations shall specify the powers, jurisdictions and work procedures for Preliminary Objection Committees and Appeal Committees and their members academic and professional experience and remuneration. Payments for air tickets, air freight and maritime freight - 5%, Payments for international telecommunications services - 5%, Any other payments specified in the By-Law - Not to exceed 15%. Granting remunerations upon recommendations by the Department's Director-General to employees for outstanding performance of their work. (a) The tax rate of the tax base is twenty (20) percent for each of the following: (b) The tax rate of the tax base for a taxpayer engaged only in natural gas investment activities is thirty (30) percent. (a) If a taxpayer recoups expenses, loss, or previously permitted bad debt, the amount recouped is included in the gross income for the year in which it is recouped and shall take the status of the income related to the expenses. M/131, dated 20 September 2017G, (29-12-1438H) amending certain articles of the Income Tax Law (ITL). (b) A bad debt may be deducted when stricken off the taxpayer's books when there is suitable evidence proving the impossibility of collecting it, as specified in the Regulations. The amounts of royalties and surface rentals shall be considered as deductible expenses. (c) A bank or a financial institution shall refrain from allowing withdrawals or other payments from the taxpayer's bank account after receiving notice of the Department's intention to freeze the taxpayer's account. (c) A partner is deemed to have received a distribution of profit from the partnership with a value equal to the market price for the ownership of the asset transferred to him without paying its cost. Research and Development expenses connected with the earning of taxable income may be deducted. 1 defines activity as commercial activity in all its forms that is … Employee’s contributions to thrift funds or loans due to such funds. The Minister may delegate what he deems fit of this authority to the Director-General of the Department. A natural gas investment tax shall be imposed on every person engaged in natural gas investment, gas liquids and condensates within the Kingdom, its exclusive economic region or its continental shelf. a) Amendments to the Saudi Income Tax and Zakat By-Laws . Withholding Tax in Saudi Arabia Withholding tax is applicable when payments is made from a permeant establishment (PE) or a resident party or to a non-resident party for services performed. (d) A payment made pursuant to this Article is considered a payment in advance against the taxpayer's total tax for the taxable year for which the payment was made. The Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) hears tax disputes between GAZT and tax-payers. The information shall include names and addresses of the two parties, subject of contract, its value and financial terms, and execution and completion dates. employees of the Department in the course, for the purpose, of carrying out their duties under the law; employees of the Customs Authority, for the purpose of enforcing the Customs Law; the General Audit Bureau, in its official capacity, for the purpose of auditing and reviewing; the tax authorities of foreign countries in accordance with treaties to which the Kingdom is a party; law enforcement agencies, for the purpose of the prosecution of tax offenses; any judicial body in the Kingdom, upon its order, in a case under review, to determine a taxpayer's tax liability, or in any other administrative or criminal matter under review. (b) The partner is considered an owner of a share in the partnership according to market prices and the amount paid to him. With respect to capital companies, control means the ownership of the voting rights therein or its value, either directly or indirectly through a subsidiary company or companies of any type. 5123 has been issued to reflect the same amendment from a Zakat perspective. real estate ownership and exclusions] Corporate Income Tax [2004] Labor and Workmen Law [1969] Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law [2003] Law of Printing and Publication [2003] Commercial Data Law and Regulations [2002] The partner's loss which exceeds his cost base is suspended until the partner acquires sufficient cost base to offset the loss or until the partner's share is disposed of. Income from natural gas investment activities shall be the gross income derived from the sale, exchange or transfer of natural gas and its liquids, gas condensates, including sulfur and other products, as well as any other incidental or non-operational income derived from the taxpayer's primary activity, regardless of its type or source, including income derived from the utilization of excess energy in a facility subject to natural gas investment tax. The tax base for a resident corporation is the non-Saudi’s share of income subject to tax from any activity in Saudi Arabia, less allowable expenses. Generally, the maximum corporate income tax rate is 20 percent. (a) A tax shall be imposed on the shares of general partners in a partnership limited by shares, as in a partnership. (a) Expenses incurred by the taxpayer for the repair or improvement of depreciable assets in each group may be deducted. Understanding withholding tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) By Simon Dawson on 26 Feb 2018 Under the law and tax regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), there is an obligation for all clients to pay withholding tax (WHT), on all ‘out of kingdom’ international payments to non-Saudi resident/registered parties/companies direct to the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT). a non-resident with a permanent establishment in the Kingdom. 4. The Zakat is an annual flat rate of 2.5 percent of the assessable amount. ... Social insurance or any other contributions due on the employees as provided for by law. Amounts paid by a resident for services performed in whole or in part in the Kingdom. The US does not have a treaty for taxes with Saudi Arabia. The gross income of a taxpayer includes any payment from which the taxpayer benefits directly or indirectly, as well as any payment dealt with according to its instructions, if such payment is considered income of the taxpayer if paid to the taxpayer directly. The stability of tax rules is notable given the constant reforms in recent years in many other areas of society and business regulation, e.g., foreign investment, labour, immigration, finance and securities market. Cost base adjustments are distributed among assets in accordance with the percentage difference between cost base and the market value. Cultural Mission: (703) 573-7226 (b) A natural person is considered related to companies of any type in the following circumstances: (c) Companies and agencies are deemed under common control if the same person or related persons control fifty percent (50%) or more according to this Article as follows: Article 65: Statutory Period of Tax Assessment. Emergency Contact Numbers, Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law, Foreign Investment Act and Executive Rules, Chapter Seven: Additional Rules for Determining Tax Base, Chapter Eight: Taxation Rules of Partnerships, Chapter Nine: Rules of Taxation on Capital Companies, Chapter Twelve: Filing of Declarations, Assessments, and Procedures of Objection and Appeal. (b) A person withholding tax under this Article shall comply with the following: c) The person responsible for withholding tax under this Article is personally liable to pay the unpaid tax and any delay fines resulting therefrom, in accordance with paragraph (a) of Article 77 of this Law, if any of the following cases applies to him: (d) In addition to what is stated in paragraph (b) of this Article, if tax is not withheld in accordance with the provisions of this Article, the beneficiary remains indebted to the Department for the amount of the tax and the Department may recover it from him, his agent or sponsor. (A/90) dated 27/8/1412H (corresponding to 2/3/1992AD), This Law shall nullify the Income Tax Law issued by Royal Decree No.3321, dated 21/1/1370 H. Tax withholding provisions of Article 68 of this Law shall become effective from the date of its coming into force. If he fails to report withholding statements to the Department as stipulated under subparagraph (3) of paragraph (b) of this Article. The first year of a new taxpayer or the last year of a taxpayer in case of discontinuation or liquidation, may be a short independent fiscal year, unless it is stipulated to be a long fiscal year in accordance with the Companies Law. (b) From the sales returns, the expenses of the seizure and sale shall be paid first, then tax and fines. 699 dated 29/7/1410 [24 Feb. 1990], as amended by Ministerial Decision No. registering with the Department and paying the amount withheld to the Department within the first ten days from the month following the month of payment to the beneficiary. (d) A person not complying with the provisions of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this Article is obligated to pay the Department an amount equal to the value of the properties in its possession, not exceeding the amount for which the freezsing was made. Income tax is not imposed on an individual's earnings if they are derived only from employment in Saudi Arabia. (a) Preliminary Objection Committees with jurisdiction to settle tax disputes shall be formed by a decision of the Minister. Commercial Laws and Regulations: Foreign Investment Act and Executive Rules [2000] [plus: annexes re. Amounts for exploitation of a natural resource in the Kingdom. (b) If a partner retires from a partnership and receives a distribution causing him to make profit by disposing of his share in the partnership, the cost base of the partnership's profiting assets shall be adjusted by increasing the amount of profit made, provided that the value of such assets does not exceed their market value. (f) If the taxpayer converts its assets to personal use, or if the asset ceases to be used in the generation of taxable income, this action by the taxpayer is deemed to be a disposal of the asset for its market value. It shall also be responsible for filing notifications and statements required in relation to its types of activity. 1727 dated 10 February 2018 (25/05/1439H), amending the corresponding provisions of the Bylaws to the Income Tax Law (BITL). (a) Except for land, a depreciation may be deducted for a taxpayer's depreciable tangible or intangible assets which lose value because of wear and tear or obsolescence and which are wholly or partly used in the generation of taxable income, and remain to have a value after the end of the taxable year. In determining the tax base of each taxpayer, a deduction is allowed for donations paid during the taxable year to public agencies or philanthropic societies licensed in the Kingdom which are nonprofit organizations and are allowed to receive these donations. Wherever they appear in this Law, each of the following words or terms will carry the meaning beside it unless the context indicates otherwise. (d) A person complying with the provisions this Article and Articles 73 and 74 of this Law shall be exempted from any obligation to the taxpayer or any other person, regarding the value of properties seized from the time of its compliance. The Regulations shall specify the cases where collection is impossible. Article 38: Cost Base of Partner's Interest. Since the level of Saudi taxes is so low, most expats will not see any issue with the lack of a treaty. (b) any amounts paid or benefits offered to a shareholder, a partner or any of their relatives, which constitute salaries, wages, awards or the like, or which do not satisfy the conditions for transactions among independent parties against properties or services. Withholding Tax in Saudi Arabia . The amount of each payment is the result of the following equation: where A is equal to the taxpayer's tax for the preceding year according to its declaration; and B is equal to the amount of tax paid in the preceding year by withholding from the source in accordance with Article 68 of this Law. Generally, non-Saudi investors are liable for income tax in Saudi Arabia. A Ministerial Resolution “MR” No. (c) For purposes of this Article, a payment made by a permanent establishment of a non-resident in the Kingdom is considered as if paid by a resident company. Employee’s contributions to thrift funds or loans due to such funds. Such equipment shall be subject to depreciation under Article 17 of this Law. Article 31: Indirect Payments and Benefits. (c) For taxation purposes, a natural person may record his transactions on a cash or accrual basis. (c) The following taxpayers shall be required to file a tax declaration: (d) A taxpayer who ceases business activity is required to notify the Department and to present within sixty days from the cessation date a tax declaration for the short taxable period ending with the date on which it ceases business. Taxable income is the gross income including all revenues, profits, and gains of any type and of any form of payment resulted from carrying out an activity, including capital gains and any incidental revenues, minus exempted income. The US does not have a treaty for taxes with Saudi Arabia. Any remaining amount shall be returned to the taxpayer. (b) The partnership, rather than its partners, shall be responsible for choosing the taxable year, the accounting method, the inventory method, and any other accounting policies consistent with this Law. (b) gains resulting from disposal of property other than assets used in the activity. Abstract Art. (c) The tax base of a non-resident who performs an activity within the Kingdom through a permanent establishment is his taxable income arising from or related to the activity of such establishment, minus expenses permitted under this Law. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. (f) fines and financial penalties paid or payable to any party in the Kingdom, excluding those paid for breach of contractual conditions and obligations. (j) Where a land is bought or sold with constructions thereon, the value shall be reasonably apportioned to arrive at a separate value of the construction. (e) Where a taxpayer disposes of a part of an asset, the cost base of the asset is apportioned between the part retained and the part disposed of in accordance with their market value at the time of purchase of the asset. (l) Where an asset owned by a taxpayer is converted to personal use or otherwise ceases to be used in the generation of income, the taxpayer is deemed to have disposed of the asset for its market value, with the recognition of the resulting gain but not the loss. (a) Gross income and tax base are calculated in the Saudi Riyal. Non-employment income is taxed as an entity or permanent establishment (PE). storing, displaying, or delivering goods or products belonging to the non-resident; keeping a stock of goods or products belonging to the non-resident for the purpose of processing by another person; purchasing goods or products for the sole purpose of collection of information for the non-resident; carrying out other activities of preparatory or auxiliary nature for the interests of the non-resident; drafting contracts for signature in connection with loans, delivery of goods, or activities of technical services; performing any series of activities stated in subparagraphs 1 to 5 of this paragraph. (c) The loss of the related party disallowance rule stated in paragraph (d) of Article 63 of this Law shall not be applicable to the partner's share of losses and expenses in a partnership in accordance with paragraph (b) of this Article. (c) The cost base decreases, but not below zero, by the cost of distributions from the partnership to the partner and by the partner's share of partnership losses, and expenses as well as nondeductible expenses of the partnership, except for capital items. (a) The cost base of a partner's share in a partnership shall be determined by the amount the partner pays against his share plus the cost base of properties he contributed to the company. Saudi Arabia favourable amendment in Income tax law for Oil and Hydrocarbon sector Sheeba Khan 06 July 2020. Saudi Arabia has issued a Royal Decree No. (d) The depreciation deduction for each group is calculated by applying its depreciation rate determined in accordance with paragraph (b) of this Article against the balance of the value of such group at the end of the taxable year. (e) A taxpayer whose taxable income exceeds one million riyals (SR 1,000,000) shall have a certified accountant licensed to practice in the Kingdom certify the correctness of the declaration. In case of acquiring an asset in a taxable year prior to the effectiveness of this Law, the value to be added to the appropriate group shall be the cost of the asset minus any depreciation deduction previously granted to the taxpayer. VAT is applied in more than 160 countries around the world as a reliable source of revenue for state budgets. (f) Expenses incurred to alter or improve a non-depreciable asset are added to the cost base of the asset. As for agencies administering properties endowed for specific purposes, a natural person is deemed related thereto if he benefits or is capable of benefiting from them, either alone or with a related person or persons, in accordance with this Article. (b) In case of failure to file the declaration within the prescribed time, the following fine shall be imposed in lieu of the fine stipulated under paragraph (a) of this Article, if the fine under paragraph (a) is less than the amount specified under this paragraph: (c) Unpaid tax shall mean the difference between the amount of tax due under this Law and the amount paid on the date specified by Law under paragraph (b) of Article 60 of this Law. (a) No gain or loss shall be calculated for a transfer of a partner's asset to a partnership against acquiring a share in such partnership. Tax Treaty. (a) A taxpayer may deduct bad debts arising from sales of goods or services that have been previously declared as a taxable income of the taxpayer. (b) The tax base of a resident non-Saudi natural person is his taxable income from any activity from sources within the Kingdom minus (a) A taxpayer's method of accounting must clearly reflect the taxpayer's income. (a) If a partner or partners enter into or retire from a partnership which results in its reconstitution, all its assets shall be considered transferred to the new partnership against shares in the partnership. The key amendments are: … (k) In case a part of the assets is used for the generation of taxable income, a depreciation deduction is allowed for a part of the asset value against the part of the asset used in the generation of the taxable income. 17/2/28/8634 dated 29/6/1370 H. (1950). The tax base for a nonresident ca rrying out activities in Saudi Arabia through a PE is the income arising from the activities of the PE, less allowable expenses. (a) A net operating loss may be carried forward to the taxable year following the year in which the loss is incurred. (b) The gross income and expenses of a resident company, and any other taxpayer who keeps or is required by Law to keep commercial books according to the accounting principles generally accepted in the Kingdom, are determined according to such books after adjustments of the accounts so as to conform to the rules of this Law. - The income-tax, including any surcharge thereon; (hereinafter referred to as “Indian tax”); (b) in the case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: - The Zakat - The income-tax including the natural gas investment tax; (hereinafter referred to as “ Saudi tax”). The annual cash flows shall be calculated by adjusting the natural gas investment tax base as follows: (a) Adding back any operational losses carried forward from previous years. (b) The Council of Ministers shall issue a resolution, pursuant to a recommendation by the Minister, to from an Appeal Committee to review the taxpayer's or the Department's appeals to tax-related decisions issued by the Preliminary Objection Committees. The provisions of the Implementing Regulations of Income Tax law shall apply to ‎resident capital companies with respect to shares of non-Saudi partners, whether they ‎are resident or non-resident natural or legal persons. Saudi Arabia Collects New Tax On Expats From July, Saudi Arabia is collecting a new tax from expats and their dependants, a move that is seen to boost the country’s revenues amid weak oil prices. The Regulations shall specify the maximum limits allowed to be annually deducted. (a) For the purpose of calculating the natural gas investment tax, the taxpayer's natural gas investment tax base for each gas exploration and production contract or agreement with the Government shall be deemed independent of the natural gas investment tax base or any other gas exploration and production contract or agreement. The claim that lawyers are prohibited from providing legal- or Sharia-related advice regarding income tax and zakat – in Saudi Arabia may be based on the “Rules Governing Licensing To Provide Zakat And Income Tax,” which was established based on ministerial decision No. The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to any company engaged in the production of petroleum, or the production of both petroleum and natural gas, with respect to such company's activities within its areas of operations or concession area, as delineated upon the effectiveness of this Law. (c) Sale of the taxpayer's properties shall be suspended during the period of the administrative or judicial review of the assessment on the basis of which the seizure was made, except for: Article 75: Freezing of funds due to the taxpayer. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a very liberal tax ... (a form of tithe) is paid annually by Saudi individuals and companies within the provisions of Islamic law as laid down by Royal Decree No. If it is derived from the lease of movable properties used in the Kingdom; If it is derived from the sale or license for use of industrial or intellectual properties used in the Kingdom. Article 16: Research and Development Expenses. filing a declaration on the basis of unavailability of books or records, and including therein information that contradicts what is shown in the taxpayer's books and records. The following words and phrases, wherever mentioned in the Law shall have the meanings ascribed thereto hereunder unless the context indicates otherwise. The English version of this document is for guidance only. (a) The tax base of a resident capital company is the shares of non-Saudi partners in its taxable income from any activity from sources within the Kingdom, minus expenses permitted under this Law. The partner is treated as having disposed of part of all of his share in the partnership, if the estimated distribution exceeds the partner's cost base in the partnership. (a) Income tax stipulated under paragraph (b) of Article 7 of this Law shall be applied to natural gas investment tax base of a taxpayer subject to natural gas investment tax. (b) For the purpose of this Article, expenditure shall be considered recouped in the absence of the basis for the expenditure. (b) The deduction allowed under paragraph (a) of this Article in respect of each employee shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of each employee's income, prior to calculating the employer's contributions. The rates may vary between 5%, 15%, and 20% based on the type of service … (b) A taxpayer's natural gas investment tax base shall be independent of the tax base for its other activities that are not related to its natural gas investment activity, and such taxpayer shall file a tax declaration and audited closing accounts for its natural gas investment tax activity separate from its other activities.

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