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safeguarding quiz for staff 2018

Hate crime. Safeguarding Quiz Answer Sheet Ring the correct letter or write the answer in the space when directed. Safeguarding Network is here to help your DSL implement the changes. Safeguarding Policy Scope. In assessing the suitability of a candidate, which three of the following would you explore during the interview? Are you aware of all the changes? It is intended to be a voluntary resource to help parents and carers who choose to have their children attend out-of-school settings (OOSS) understand what a safe environment looks like. Summary This is non-statutory guidance from the Department for Education. Ideal for office staff, particularly those responsible for recruiting. o 4. It’s a good idea for organisations to review their safeguarding procedures regularly to ensure the safety of clients, customers and staff. Safeguarding Quiz (answer sheet) Single Central Record. A copy of the KCSIE would be helpful as you work your way through this quiz. Which two of the following are likely to make a learning provider a soft target for abusers seeking employment? We provide much of the framework to tailor to your school to ensure nothing is missed and save you time to focus on the business of keeping children safe in education. How recent were the checks? 5. Safeguarding Adults Multi-agency Policy, Procedures and Guidance Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth July 2013. FREE downloadable app. Standard application forms: The Children Act 2004. This document lists the questions they ask their staff in these online questionnaires. Taking Action . Source: How safe are our children 2016 NSPCC Ethics were reviewed by the Research and Development Division (NI) and the five HSCTs. Question 1 Name the two statutory safeguarding documents for all schools o 2. All Designated Child Protection/ Safeguarding Leads are expected to attend training every two years. EPHA's seven-minute safeguarding meetings are a training resource designed to help headteachers and school leaders ensure that their staff are kept up to date with a wide range of safeguarding topics. Safeguarding stops learners being abused or bullied, Safeguarding aims to protect learners from a wide range of potential harm, and looks at preventative action, not just reaction, Safeguarding is used to check the backgrounds of people working with children, Safeguarding means investigating any suspicion of abuse, The previous employer condoned inappropriate behaviour by its staff, His previous employer provided ineffective physical restraint training, He has not received effective induction covering staff code of conduct, He may have been involved in previous allegations in his previous job, Gather more evidence from the student to decide if she is telling the truth, Ignore allegations due to serial nature of complainant, Report the incident in line with the organisation’s policies and procedures, Incidents of inappropriate behaviour are reported at all levels, Staff are given free reign to safeguard learners as they see fit, Awareness is maintained through training, posters, meetings, and discussions, Staff and learners are consulted about safeguarding issues, By encouraging them to use their own initiative in such situations, By dealing with such situations as and when they arise, By having effective training, guidance, and mentoring in place to help them develop standard responses of appropriate behaviour, The governing body, board of directors, or trustee board, To make sure nobody outside the organisation finds out about the allegation, To advise other staff about action to be taken, Having a culture of investigating all allegations, Failing to obtain comprehensive information about candidates’ backgrounds including identity checking, Involving learners and staff in developing safeguarding policies, Accepting open testimonials or references provided by a candidate, A code of conduct for staff sets the parameters of acceptable behaviour, Concerns about inappropriate behaviour are investigated appropriately and systematically, Learners and staff are involved in the development of the organisation’s approach to safeguarding, Investigate the matter further by questioning other staff and learners, Ignore as almost certainly sports related injuries, Report your concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Person in your organisation, They are responsible for adhering to safeguarding policies and procedures, They have an awareness of safeguarding issues, They are alert to potential signs and indicators of abuse or neglect, They are responsible for investigating any allegations of abuse, The governing body, board of directors, trustee board or equivalent, The candidate’s response to a range of hypothetical scenarios, Their attitudes towards young people and vulnerable adults, Any discrepancies between the information provided by the candidate on their application form and in their answers to questions at interview, To encourage suitable candidates to apply, To deter unsuitable applicants from applying, To provide a clear indication that the employer is committed to safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults, Requires candidate to present all information employer requests in order to be assessed against the selection criteria for the job, Structure allows for gaps in employment history to be highlighted, Asks specific questions relating to previous cautions/convictions, Allows strengths to be highlighted and areas for development to be down- played, All candidates must be asked exactly the same questions, You can ask candidates any questions as long as they are relevant, In addition to the standard questions you can ask relevant supplementary questions, To ensure that all sections have been completed, To comply with the organisation’s employment policies, To ensure that the information provided is consistent and does not contain discrepancies, To identify gaps in a candidate’s employment history, At any stage as long as they are thoroughly investigated before a candidate is offered a job, Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. 3 How this guidance can help you 4 What to do if you have concerns 5 Questions and Answers 6 Have staff and volunteers undertaken DBS checks? This gives clarity on the 2019 and a reap of some 2018 changes for staff. Individual staff responsibilities: See our Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection online course here from just £27.99 See our Safeguarding and Child Protection publication here. Modern slavery. This refers closely to gov.uk guidance. We worked with one of our associate education experts to create a questionnaire designed to gather staff feedback on a school's approach to safeguarding. Register - Pre School. Are you aware of all areas and responses needed? Wrong! Why not start the term with this quiz. Take this quiz to test your adult safeguarding knowledge with 5 quick questions. Safeguarding Quiz Answer Sheet. All Designated Child Protection/ Safeguarding Leads are expected to attend training every two years. 14. Published March 2015 Updated July 2018. We aim to motivate viewers to learn about the issues, be able to recognise the signs of abuse, and consider strategies for prevention. When completing the form, the Designated Safeguarding Officer will decide: a) That no further action is required. Three audit quizzes to help you consider if you are on the right track for your section 175 audit. To help you complete the questions below you will need to make yourself familiar with the following documents: No Secrets 2000 . We worked with one of our associate education experts to create a questionnaire designed to gather staff feedback on a school's approach to safeguarding. Keeping Children Safe in Education.

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