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the fox and the stork questions and answers

The Fox and the Stork Do you want to come for tea? Yes please Please eat the soup from the plate I dont know how I can eat the soup with my long beak. My tummy is full and the stork could not eat because of his beak. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Great Mouse Plot, Oliver Twist, Merchant Of Venice and Of Dreams and Reality so, make sure to check these posts as well.. We hope you've enjoyed trying some of our activities. ✨Google Classroom ActivitiesA link to a Google Slides file is included. The stork gladly accepted the invitation. Classic Literature: Aesop’s The Fox and the Stork. Fox didn’t put the soup in a bowl. These help children independently apply the skills we have been working on that day. However, the malicious fox served the soup up in very shallow bowls, which he could easily lap from but the dejected stork, with her long beak, couldn't manage at all. Quiz & Worksheet Goals Key points in the quiz/worksheet are as follows: Tools Crow could not answer. 1. A crow was sitting on a branch of a tree with a piece of cheese in her beak when a fox … The stork ate her meal easily, dipping her long beak into the jar, but the fox could eat nothing at all and went home hungry. 6. The moral of the story is 'One bad turn deserves another'. She could only gaze hungrily at the fox as he finished his soup and licked his lips. The fox stood proudly. The unit includes four skills activity pages on comprehension, vocabulary crossword puzzle, the "oo" sound, the prefix "un", and classifying mammals & birds. 'I have made a delicious soup,' the fox said to the stork. Here, let me finish it for you.' He prepared a delicious soup and served it in a jug with a narrow neck. The fox tried to taste it but could not do so because of its narrow neck, the fox failed to taste the soup. Answer: No, you don’t. 2. Another day, the stork invited the fox to a dinner. I am very clever. Got a question about the wiki, or the topic? You also keep the weekly $600 Federal money as well. no. “You must come and dine with me today,” he said to the Stork, smiling to himself at the trick he was going to play. Questions and Answers About Stroke A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted. For that reason, some of the more common meanings to the fox include deception by a cunning and shrewd creature. To her disappointment, the fox served soup on two flat plates. Fables worksheets: Writing Fables 5. The fox opened the door and said, “Please come in and share my food.” The stork was invited to sit down at the table. -sequence of events It is written for 2nd grade, but could work for 1st grade as well.This resource includes 4 components:Reading passage with large text (use this to underline text evidence)Comprehension questions worksh, This resource includes:12 GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS (b/w) to practice the following reading strategies & skills:Asking Questions RetellingIdentifying Fable ElementsIdentifying PlotSummarizingCause-Effect RelationshipAnalyzing Characters: The FoxAnalyzing Characters: The StorkComparing & Contrasting, Engage your students with this wonderful fable of The Fox and the StorkUse this wonderful story as a basis for teaching important vocabulary, reading and writing skills to your kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students. Foxes are majestic, gorgeous creatures who are similar to a dog, only wild and often prettier. Use Aesop's Fables to teach theme and practice other skills including:ThemeMain Idea and SummaryLanguage, Setting, and CharactersInferencesStory and pictures are public domain. “Wait! Answer: No, you don’t.

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